Friday, October 24, 2008

So Much To Say...

There are so many great things I have to tell you all about, I am not sure where to begin. Most might say to "start at the beginning" but yesterday was so much fun, that is what I'll choose! We loaded up the stroller and went to the NC State Fair. The children were very excited for their own reasons: Abby wanted to ride a roller coaster and Daniel wanted to go on the "Miracle Round" (aka - Merry-Go-Round). We couldn't bring ourselves to correct him... it's just way too cute! Oh, the biggest child, Brian, was looking forward to "fair food". I think I was just looking forward to a family fun day. We were all able to have our desires met, and Jonathan tolerated the day very well. I think the pictures tell about our day much better than any words I can think up, so enjoy.

I hope you can see in that last picture that Jonathan finally did get a tooth. The second cut through less than a week later!

And here's a video...

Some other highlights from the past month:

Peepaw returned from Hawaii with gifts. Daniel informed us that there are two places he wants to visit: "Hawaii and Outer Space".

Friends from Tennessee paid us a visit... we miss you guys!

Abby had the never-ending birthday... the last of the decorations finally came down one month after her birthday!!

Daniel draws a "giant." This is his first drawing of a person. Another recent first for Daniel... "watering the bushes". When you gotta go, you gotta go. Sorry, no picture for that one!

Abby has been part of a soccer team for the last 6 Saturdays. She believes soccer should be a spectator sport, even if you're on the team. She has shown "great courage" to be on the field every week, even though she would rather not.

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