Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Milestone for Jonathan

Nope, not a tooth... Jonathan rolled over today from his back to his tummy. This may not sound like it is worth blogging about, but you can't tell that to my mom! Also, I think Jonathan is going to have the same voice as Daniel! And, I ask you, who's heart wouldn't be melted away by those baby blues?!

Abby had her first day of ballet class today. The classes are at the same place that Abby & Daniel had summer camp. I think she had a really big time. When I picked her up she told me that she definitely wants to go back. Actually, to be exact (we must be accurate whenever Abby is concerned)..."It only lasted like a few minutes, but I still want to go back!"

Oh. Here's some insignificant information but I think you'll understand why I'm including it... Daniel & Abby have discovered a new favorite snack. It is called, (are you ready for this?)...Pirate's Booty! Now, I'm not really sure if they love the way it tastes or if they just have fun saying the name!!

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Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

ha ha! Your snack name is cracking me up! Yeah for all the milestones. I am so glad you are blogging.

I tagged you at my site. You do not have to do this at all but I thought it might be fun if you have time available at all! I know you are swamped. No pressure. I just wanted to include you since you are new to blogging and perhaps it could connect you to some other bloggers who have been great blessings to me.
MUch love,