Monday, August 25, 2008

School News

Having a routine is oh so refreshing! We begin each day with breakfast and Bible time. Then we go to the classroom to do the pledge of allegiance and someone says a prayer to get us started. Daniel prayed today that "no one would be hitting each other"! The rest of our school day consists of some workbook pages for writing, reading and math (we have science and art on certain days), also some type of hands-on math activity, then we have storytime. You may remember that we initially ran into a bit of a problem with storytime... there was no rug. Well, there is a solution to every problem. We now have our storytime blanket which we spread out on the floor every day just for storytime. Only the students (Abby & Daniel, and sometimes Jonathan) are allowed to sit on the blanket. The teacher must sit in the chair. Oh, did I mention that the blanket must be perfectly laid out, no wrinkles (per Abby's instruction). Anyway, after story we move on to playtime while Mommy prepares the cafeteria for the students. There is usually a little more playtime or recess outside and then comes my favorite part of the day... QUIET TIME!! Everyone goes to their room to read or color. Abby usually gets to read a book. At the end of the week she writes her memory verse before reading. We are all still having fun with the whole concept of "homeschool" and I LOVE getting to share that part of our lives together.

I failed to point out that sometime during our desk time, we break so that Abby can lead us in some stretching exercises. These often include sit-ups, push-ups, and running circles in the house. Who needs the Y??!

The pictures below are from this morning. You can see that we are still working on the classroom. I promise it will look more like school soon! (PS - still no tooth from Jonathan)

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Megan said...

Sounds like you are running a pretty cool school there! The blanket thing cracked me up! Matthew always has me spread out blankets on the floor and he has a fit if there are any wrinkles. It must be a first born thing.
Glad to hear you guys are having so much fun homeschooling!